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Union Station, Kansas City, Mo. ca. 1935, (Graphite on Bristol, 11" x 22 1/2") 
Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
Drawing in Progress (Blue Springs Scene ca. 1930)
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"Aspen Outhouse at 10,000 ft."
St. Elmo, Colorado  

5"x15", Zinc Plate Etching

St. Elmo, Colorado is a ghost mining town first established in 1880 and deserted since the 1950's.  At 10,000 ft. , less than a half a mile below the tree line (where trees can not survive due to the altitude), the Aspen groves surrounding the town struggle to grow and only the tallest limbs, twisting and turning their way to sunlight, survive.

This etching shows an aspen grove with one tree front and center to serve as a study for all of the twisted, broken, and gnarled limbs.  One of the outhouses from the nearby mining town was located adjacent to one of the groves and emphasizes the height these vine-like trees must reach, often competing with other trees sharing the same roots (connected by a vast underground root system, Aspen groves are considered to be the largest living specimens on earth).

The left image is the finished etching plate with the image drawn into the soft ground (the brown resin like coating) prior to it being dipped in acid.  The right image is a manipulated image of the etching plate to represent a preview of what the final print should look like.  Actual prints are soon to follow!

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    Etched Plate                 Projected Final Print
before Acid Bath
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"Royals Stadium First Season, 1973"
Kansas City, Missouri 
8"x20" (Fits 12"x24" Frame), Graphite Pencil Drawing

Commissioned for a customer in Prairie Village, KS, the Royals Stadium drawing took 51.5 hours to complete.  It is drawn as the stadium looked on Opening Day, April 10, 1973 complete with period correct cars and fans filling the seats.  The drawing was updated after this photo was taken to show players on the field, and a left hander on the mound in homage to the great Paul Splitorff, Kansas City's starting pitcher that year.

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